jamey1138 (jamey1138) wrote,

Better late than never

Yesterday, I finished my final paper for the DePaul academic quarter (and year), where I'm about half-way through an MA program. That gave me time today, at long last, to finish putting up the gardening!

Actually, I'm not totally finished: there's still three small mint plants to pot, but I ran out of soil. So, that'll be a half hour job some time this week. What I did get done today is hanging all the remaining eight wall-boxes (these are, basically, window boxes that I built, six last year and six new this year, which hang on the wooden fence around the backyard)-- this including building the last one, and putting in the hooks and eyes for the new six. I also cleared the old soil out of the window box on the shed (10' long), potted a couple of plants (the aromatic geraniums), and weeded pretty much everything (the front strawberry batch, which is looking good and is probably about a week away from giving us a couple pints of very nice berries, the cold frames, which get birdseed in them from the upstairs bird feeder, and the back bulb garden, which included digging out three baby cherry trees, which I think actually turn out to be root-risers, not seedlings). My wife then seeded the newest wall box and the long window box.

Speaking of, I'm curious to see if we'll get any of the cherries on those trees... this is the first year that they've seriously produced...

In short, though, a good afternoon's gardening (and especially nice that it came after an absolutely incredibly wonderful morning, with a breakfast picnic and long walk through the Morton Arboretum!)

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