jamey1138 (jamey1138) wrote,

Damned fine weekend

Went up to Madison, WI on Friday (my wife and I do this at least once a year, to eat at our favorite restaurant in the US, L'etoile, and to shop at the Madison farmer's market; this year's trip included visits to the National Mustard Museum-- a perennial favorite of ours-- and Little Norway). Excellent trip.

Saturday afternoon/evening included some significant local shopping for me, picking up lots of bits and pieces for various projects... which saw me through Sunday:

My first all-grain beer (a sort-of IPA-ish thing, which is fermenting now. Or possibly stuck-fermented now. The next couple of days will tell the tale, there).

The bits for the cold smoker (I recently bought a cut-down wine-aging keg, which will be the smoking chamber; I built out the cart it will live on, and bought the cheapo-grill to be the combustion chamber, and a bit of ducting to cool the smoke down as it moves into the smoking chamber). I just set the last of the glued-together lid-pieces (a bunch of 1x4, glued together, which I'll cut into a rough circle on Wednesday).

A conduit bender and exterior-grade switch for the backyard electricals.

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