jamey1138 (jamey1138) wrote,

Turns out, I was wrong.

I've decided that I was wrong to leave the classroom last year. And so, just about 9.5 months after starting this job, I'm actively and eagerly looking for my next teaching position. There's two decent opportunities recently posted on the CPS job board (both at the same school, one math and one science, at my kind of difficult-but-hope-filled school), and I'm also going to circulate my resume at a couple of other places (especially the schools near my home-- I've come round to liking the idea of working in my own community).

My friend Anne once taught me that, before you decide that it's over, you tell yourself, "I'll just stay, until..." A month ago-- a week ago-- I was telling myself, "I'll just stay in this job until next August, the beginning of next school year." Now, I'm done. I want out, and I'm going to move as quickly as I can to get back into teaching.

Acknowledging that I made a mistake was hard. (See http://uselessmath.blogspot.com/ for more on acknowledging why I came to this job-- that was hard, too). Of course, the fact that I'm really, really not getting along with my co-worker is making it easier to acknowledge that I'm in the wrong place, for the wrong reasons, and that I'm not happy with the work I'm doing, not excited about going to work and not feeling like I'm growing in this work.

All of which says, it's time to go. And, for that, I have to thank my co-worker, for being enough of a jerk to shake me up!

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