jamey1138 (jamey1138) wrote,

In fairness

Last week, I bought a refurbished Velocity Cruz T301 mini-tablet (7"), running Android 2.2, basically because it was on sale for very little money ($75 shipped). It's basically crap, in that everything on it (including, for example, the Kindle app) runs quite slowly-- even the core OS, which often pauses 3-4 seconds between receiving input (like, "go to the home screen") and responding to it. I had to download the actual Android app store, because it comes with the Cruz app store, which contains something like 8 apps, total; having done so, there's about 2000 apps available to me, none of which is a graphing calculator (that's right, I cannot find any sort of graphing calculator app, at any price, for this Android device).

In fairness, I don't think that this is particularly Android's fault. I think it's just a cheap piece of crap of a tablet. I'll probably just use it as a slightly larger screen for reading Kindle books (though the app runs so slow on this beast that it's actually kind of hard to deal with).

Suffice it to say, though, this has done nothing to convince me to leave The Ecosystem.

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